puppies and pumpkins

Only 10 (count them . . . t e n !!!) more days until Amanda and Brennan say "I do!" on the Oregon coast! And what are they doing to prepare for the wedding . . . why, taking walks with Riley & Denali (their two beautiful dogs) and hunting for the perfect pumpkin, of course!

With their passion for pictures and the out-of-doors (Brennan is, among many things, a landscape photographer . . . Brennan, can you send us a jpg file of one of your pictures?...we'll post it on the blog!), a trip to a local, neighborhood park and Peach Tree Farm

for an engagement session seemed JUST the thing.

Click on this "puppies & pumpkins" slideshow

to see more pics of their dogs and the pumpkins they chose . . . (AND Amanda and Brennan too :')!

Amanda first saw SilverBox weddiing photos at Lyndsay & Ryan Herigon's reception where we presented a slideshow of Lyndsay & Ryan's Bahamas wedding, and she was hooked. Well, Amanda, it's safe to say that we are equally hooked on you & Brennan . . . such great energy and chemistry between the two of you. Amy and I are giddy, cannot-wait-to-pack-and-hit-the-road EXCITED to photograph your wedding in Oregon. Ok, you two, we'll meet you on the west coast in a week!