peace, love and happiness

What better way to leave your wedding reception than with the message "peace, love and happiness" printed (with a soap bar, I think?, complements of a few scheming groomsmen) on your getaway car's passenger window?
For Chisa and Cory, it was the perfect sendoff. Still waters run deep with these two; their quiet, calm exteriors are accompanied by deep compassion and a fierce devotion to friends and family and to one another. I found myself thinking: "what a PRIVILEGE to spend this day in this way with these people."

And what a treat for Amy and I to shoot together! Note to future brides: if you can book both of us, do! Your wedding photographer(s!) can be in TWO places at once, simultaneously documenting either different moments OR the SAME moment (i.e. pledging your vows to one another) from two different vantage points (as in, simultaneously getting the expressions on BOTH of your faces).

Chisa and Cory, I decided to set your album to Al Green's own message of love [joy] peace and happiness. Here it is. Enjoy!

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