palaces, peacocks and polish poise

jan and magda's wedding day. WOW! we felt as if we were in the presence of royalty!

magda had grace and poise and irrepressible smiles the whole live-long day. the result? she enjoyed her wedding day to its fullest.

yes, there were palaces!

yes, there were peacocks!

yes, there was a horse-drawn carriage and cobblestone streets and a 12-person choir singing ave maria!

but the most beautiful, most memorable feature of the day? magda's poised, yet unrestrained joy.  and jan? funny and light-hearted and bursting at the seams with complete adoration for his bride.

can't wait to show you more! we'll be sending you another installment of jan and magda's warsaw wedding photos soon.

in the meantime, a few quick updates:

~we're in prague and loving this jewel of a city. ~annika shot in warsaw with us and made incredible pictures, including the lead photo in this post! ~AND finallly, we photographed a couple of weddings just before leaving for Europe, and we want those brides to know that we're working on YOUR beautiful pictures too, so stay tuned!

with love from Europe,

kim and amy