our friend sarah . . .

a reporter from the missourian talked with us today for a story she's writing about sarah and about hold-that-hug.
we both felt like . . . well, like blubbering idiots.
sarah becking is so loved by so many! (and deservedly so!!)
kim and i kept saying,
"please, please talk to more of sarah's friends, not just us."
"please read jason's untimely thoughts..."
"please, pleease, pleeeeeaaaase don't draw conclusions about sarah based on this little . . . .sliver."
[and darnnit anyway, we fear we weren't even making sense with our sliver.]
we're really sorry.
soo sorry.
we just could not seem to find the words, could not seem to share the stories in a way that made sense.
neither of us are particularly good with the "in sum" stuff . . . it's all about the narrative, right?! and the moments.
sarah led her life in a way that was such a great example for all of us. she brought joy to lots and LOTS of people. a creative with every ounce of her being~~and in talking with the student reporter, we just could not seem to come up with short simple answers to explain why and how sarah managed to have such remarkable impact on so many.
photographers are somewhat notorious for not having pictures of themselves.
but here's some very good news.
our friend elizabeth jordheim had created these images a few years ago.
just thought we'd take this opportunity to share since the right words seem to be escaping us (all 4 pictures in this post were created by elizabeth . . . wow, we're so thrilled to have these.)
hope to see you on sunday!