OPTION A: productivity | OPTION B: more Christmas fun INSTEAD!

when I talked with kim today she was being impressively productive: cleaning/organizing yadda, yadda...which SOUNDS so great (she's the organized one!)
then there's me....
i just couldn't get there...but
i DID download and post-process my family's christmas morning images....that counts for something, right?
above: colors not planned, but so cute i wish I would have

....pretty fun that santa wrapped zoe's presents in vivid green and that she woke up in red footed pjs, eh?
and yep, that's our new WHITE tree....
the ONLY day all five of us would have been able to make it out to the tree farm started as a day the world was blanketed in ice.
"we can still go cut the tree, right?" i asked paul, hopeful, as kids were scambling for boots.....

his reply: "i don't even think we can get out of the driveway..."

a sad, sad situation.....

but a few days later the ice had melted and the sun was shining, so i said to kids after school...ok, it's a nice day, we could go cut that tree right now even though dad's still at work

"or we could just get that big white one at Target ..." suggested zoe

yeah, we could do that!
actually, there was something kind of fun about it. plus, my SO EASY, SO FAST (unlike a game of Risk, see above ~ but that's what he really wanted)

Zoe, on the other hand, wanted her own Kansas City Chiefs jersey....(no one's going to call the Enderle-Wagners fair-weather fans!) paul being so proud/pleased/flattered by the chiefs-jersey-request that he insisted that the gift was "TO: ZOE | FROM: DAD" refusing to let ol' st. nick steal any thunder.....
he's pretty cute, huh?!
oh, AND, look!:
rock 'em, sock'em, bop'em ~
which was fun for all of seven minutes but a cool trip down memory lane for paul and i all the same...
unlike the toy bow + arrow that tycho (rhymes with psycho though we try to downplay any connection) would play with seven hours a day if we let him....

am realizing avery is not as featured in these....hmmm....her most memorable x-mas moment was a present she GAVE...in fact, one that she worked on for weeks and pretty much made by hand: a pink bunny suit inspired by the wagner family love of all things Christmas Story. She COMPLETELY surprised Pops (paul's dad)

now he has the bunny suit AND the leg lamp...who could ever want more?
hope your holidays were just as colorful and fun!

stay warm!