"one of the best days of my life"


in context | in ˈkän-tekst |  ::  consideration within the surrounding circumstance and environment

10 years ago when i started documenting weddings, one thing i knew for sure was that i wanted to document the love of family and the day's fleeting moments IN CONTEXT. context is what adds richness ~ not just photographically, but to the Whole of our lives.

weddings in context.

family photography in context.

when local mixed-media (& widely renown) artist Jenny McGee shared her vision for how she wanted her art FEATURED and SHOWCASED on her new blog, the words "IN CONTEXT" came immediately to mind.

jenny mixes her own paint using mud and clay and crushed pearls and organic-based dyes. jenny's paintings and collages are often created on reclaimed doors and windows. the work is take-your-breath INSPIRING. our collective hope and vision was to capture and celebrate her art in a memorable, unique and meaningful way. In sum:  jenny mcgee art in context.

This is a new venture for me:  photographing works of art and the artist who brought such ideals to life.

i'd LOVE your feedback, Silver Lining Reader. please share your comments -- good, bad and neutral. jenny's site is still evolving a bit but we'd both be honored for you to take a look at her web presence to date and my fingers are crossed that you get a sense of quirky, fabulous, uplifting, joy-filled jenny while there. jenny WARMS THE WORLD -  no kidding. one of my favorite bits written about jenny and her magnetic husband is a click away, right here.

at the end of our shooting day (new year's eve's eve!) as we were carrying paintings down from the hayloft in my family's old barn, jenny said, beaming "amy, this has honestly been one of the best days of my life" and THOSE are words i'll cherish and carry with me from this day forward. because the truth is jenny:  mine, too.

love you to pieces, jenny mcgee and oh how i've loved getting to know you through this adventure

xoxo -amy