on newsstands now: The Knot features Andy + Carrie's wedding!

just a quick post . . . kim's not yet back from shooting in the bahamas and i'm running out the door doing kid-stuff today, but here's some exciting news; if you see THIS on newsstands

pick it up! take a look!! b/c you'll find THIS inside:

whoa, looking good, Carrie + Andy!!
NOW, my guess is that you, hypothetical Silver-Lining-blog-reader, can't read the text from these jpgs, so if clicking on the pages posted above doesn't give you the chance to read the article . . . try clicking HERE to see it large + legible;

or click HERE for the SilverBox Slideshow version of Carrie + Andy's celebration. 

And to find the original blog post, just type one of their names in the "Silver-Lining-blogger search box" above or use the handy-dandy labels below the post or down the right hand column (see COUPLE: Carrie + Andy) What a wedding!

more info, more thoughts, more everything a bit later . . .

make your day a great one!

PS and thanks to The Knot for the PDF copies and for being such a good resource!