nuts for alex + tim

am having that head-swirling-with-so-many-ideas i know not where to start feeling....
There was so much about alex + tim's celebration that simply broke the mold ~ soooo many TREMENDOUS ideas.
ok, will start here with the Little Men....could there be any outfits cuter than THESE?
the littlest guy, the Ring Bearer, presented a PUMPKIN instead of a pillow;
and the eldest: the Bell Ringer (both coming down and going back up the aisle!)
...fabulous golden globed candles in lieu of bouquets carried by bridesmaids;
...the tone-matching true-to-the-fall-theme beaded purses alex gave as bridesmaid gifts! vined arch + monogrammed aisle mat at the top of the entrance of the church/top of the aisle; wands ! ! !
....PLUS the MOST AMAZING heart-felt thank-you parents gift I've ever seen!...
....a dance for all fathers and daughters after the opening father-daughter dance.....
(with a wonderful repeat for the mothers-and-sons).....
BUT getting ahead of myself, the MOST impressive thing about this event:
just look at the bond between these women:
Here's a quiet moment between alex's mom + dad moments before the ceremony:
And here's Tim with brothers (he's one of four) in the altar-side "holding area" ten minutes before the opening bell:

There were LOTS of great documentary moments because there was LOTS of LOVE.
Here's my favorite image from Jennifer (displaying perfect timing!) ~ this was taken from the balcony as just-married Alex + Tim were walking, kicking off their recessional:

Documentary richness + new creative attempts made for a fabulous afternoon.
Here we are shooting with flare/flair:
(love those shadows!)
oh, and LOOK, a wide-angle INTERIOR couples portrait (taken at the local Bed + Breakfast Alex + Tim had booked for the night)
here 's alex (and friends!) on the B+B's wrap-around porch (oh how much do you just LOVE a wrap-around porch!)But once again, my most favorite moments were those that simply unfolded.
While we were creating some group shots of the adults at the waterfront, the wee ones found a true-to-their-nature way to entertain themselves:

....thus, INSPIRATION for our favorite kind of group shot -- the organic-to-the-environment kind:

Near the river THIS was the only tree in sight with much color....
but from this angle, Autumn pretty much fills the air, eh?
(compare now to ONE YEAR PRIOR -- we created engagement pics exactly one year pre-wedding-date on the same KATY bike trail ~ just up the way 100 or so miles.....)
Alex specifically mentioned liking our "new" textured sepia images, and the St. Charles Depot post made the perfect spot, so we threw a few like the following into the mix:

But again, it's simply when couples have fun together that we get our most magical images:
It just wouldn't be a wedding if I didn't find myself in tears.
My first wet cheeks of their wedding day: the sound of Christina Crowe's amazing voice filling St. Peter's (she seems soo grown up! -- it's thanks to CCC that I met Tim and Alex. Christina is the youngest Crowe of the Wrenn-Crowe crew, thus for you not-missing-a-beat blog readers: she's "new" baby Jonah's Auntie C)

My 2nd bout of crocodile tears:
Mark's toast.
I loved it SO much, I just had to ask for his copy to celebrate and share (fyi: it's number seven that really got me):

...Alex, so you've decided to marry a Snyder. let me give you some advice on living with Tim:

1. Telling him "big boys don't cry" does not stop him from crying; genearlly, you getting in trouble is the only thing that will cheer him up.

2. Do not scare him if he is in a bad mood.

3. Do not scare him if he is in a good mood.

4. If you fall through the ice, Tim makes a great ladder to pull yourself out by.

5. If he doesn't eat his ravioli, make sure to supplement his diet with some Kibbles and Bits.

6. He is good at striking, so use a take down move, and bring the battle to the ground early.

7. Let him hang out with his brothers as much as possible.

I know you will take great care of my brother Tim, throughout the years we have been best friends, and on occasion, mortal enemies. Through it all I have always loved you and I am so happy that you found a woman as amazing as Alex. it is obvious hoiw much you both love each other and I know you will find happiness wherever God leads you. Let's raise our glasses for my brother and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Snyder.

It was an honor just to be the room with tim, alex, their incredible families and fabulous friends.
Lots of love.
Loads of laughs.
Memories to last a lifetime. AND, the best closer of a picture, EVER.
Remember THIS mighty guy:

He DANCED and DANCED and spent the final forty minutes fast asleep; right beside the bass-filled dance floor; aaah, memories are made of this:
and to all, a good night!

amy enderle