nick + kelli :: engaged!!

Photobucketoh how we love the lifestyle "just-like-you" approach to e-sessions!

"what if we started HERE, in our backyard" kelli suggested. Photobucket um...yes, please!


a million shades of green and every tree blossoming. paradise!

and if i were a bird anywhere in the greater kansas city area, i'd beeline over. have you EVER seen bird houses THIS cute??

PLUS, how else would i have met charlotte??: Photobucket

two more things we really love... 1. girl hair: Photobucket and 2. how boys look where they're in love: Photobucket

kelli + nick: thank you, thank you, thank you ~ what a wonderful way to spend the afternoon . . . Photobucket

counting down the days until your wedding!!! Photobucket ~ amy