New Things :

1. being the parent of a teenager
2. hair, me: curly. (Kim's daughter, Sophie asked: "how'd your hair get so CRAZY?"; see #3)
3. Carla, my kid sister (aka "Aunt K" ~ who, many would argue, is one the very best stylists in town) has relocated. For NEW salon info click here, or see below to find out where she indeed made my hair curly-q
4. postcard DESIGN; I did this, both photography and wording/layout/design stuff without (believe it or not) any assistance from Kim or Brooke (our FABULOUS designer friend who owns Originals Paper Art and makes all of our Originals Box Sets and Authentique albums)

Can you see those curls? Hmm...this was our first day, and the only rainy day of our recent D.C. adventure ~
October 27th, Avery's 13th birthday: