natalie + scott (AND World's Best Business Partner: KIM WADE!!!)

Last week while Paul & I were in Santa Fe, and (to my astonishment) I SAW first-hand & in-person some of the world's most impressive & history-changing photographs, including:

and this:
Kim Wade, World's Best Business Partner,
was creating engagement images of Natalie & Scott on my behalf. These are hands-down some of my favorite-EVER SilverBox engagement shots:

Not only do Natalie & Scott clearly have GREAT chemistry; Kim ROCKED with capture. WOW! Technically & artistically, it doesn't get much better than this.

KIM: THANK YOU SO MUCH! You shooting on that Sunday evening (the day after a 16-hour day wedding...oh I can't thank you enough!) made the Santa Fe/Taos trip for Paul and I possible
AND resulted in incredible images Scott & Natalie will enjoy for a lifetime.

Wow am I ever lucky.

Thanks for trusting in us; for being so flexible; and for your patience & understanding with our change of schedule.

WOW, how BEAUTIFULLY this worked out.
Can't wait for the wedding!!!!

~ amy enderle
PS - When we document Scott's wedding, it will be our first groom whose sister was also a SilverBox bride. Would LOVE to include an image of Jeana (Ratliff) and Troy right now, but don't have a scan of a negative handy....oh, the days of film. Will work on that one....check back soon. And thanks for taking a look!

...and the final PS:
one of our favorite musicians, Hilary Scott, sings the song featured in Natalie & Scott's slideshow. This whole town has, over the past few years, been continually amazed & impressed with Hilary. My kids LOVE her as much as Paul & I do. She writes the vast majority of her songs & is so multi-talented; hand her any instrument and she'll make it SING. Just recently she moved from Columbia, Missouri to Seattle and oh, this town will miss her. If you're not a Hilary Scott fan already, click here to learn more ~ it's GREAT stuff. THIS YOU TUBE LINK features Hilary playing live on the Missouri River. Beautiful.

~ amy enderle, really THIS TIME, signing off ....