natalie + ryan :: JUST MARRIED!

. . . oh how many ways there are to say I love you!
toward the end of their beautiful kimball ballroom reception . . . 

ryan took the microphone and said something along the lines of:
ms. natalie windett. (oh i mean natalie imhoff!) i told you that if we ever got married i'd sing you a song. and well, wish me luck everybody, because natalie, this one's for you.

of course natalie would, when out running errands at the post office or the dry cleaners, even when wearing flip-flops with her hair pulled back in a ponytail, be b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l but WOW was she ever radiant on her wedding day:

when her girlfriends came out zipping their wedding attire she said, "oh you look like ANGELS!"

~ and here's natalie's angel-of-a-best-friend:  cody ! ~ a SilverBox bride herself just a few years ago. 

AND how fun is this! ~ learned in chatting with natalie as her hair + make-up were being done that SilverBox brides susi conway and susan henderson (aargh, susan + richard were early SilverBox couple and thus pre-blog...nothing to link to) were natalie's MOST FAVORITE babysitters growing up.  aaaaaah!  (kim, have we thanked our lucky stars yet! -- these women are all so exceptional...that they select us to document their wedding day -- wow, it just warms our hearts!!)
and speaking of amazing women, annika miller rocked the house, or cathedral as the case may be, with THESE down-the-aisle captures. 
here was my vantage just moments before:  
and a few other random favorite follow,
truth be told i have about 300 of such random favorites, but here's a taste:

below, yep photography by annika miller:

amy enderle

PS am uploading from the Inn at Otter Crest on the unbelievable oreogon coast. in town for scott + candy's wedding and can hear them (along with the soothing roar of the pacific ocean) down below right now....gonna go see if i can catch them in the action. but in the meantime, hmmm, am not sure why this slideshow isn't showing the bar and icons along the bottom that let you know where to go to see EVERY print that will be in natalie + ryan's ORIGINALS box set or the "purchase DVD" button for those couples who decide they really want a copy of their highlight slideshow to keep . . . sorry; will do a better job problem solving back in missouri on tuesday ~ amy

PPS oh almost to forgot to say how thankful we were that jennifer brown (THANK YOU!) was able to come by the ballroom and capture the lovely lovely setup and spaces while natalie, ryan, annika + i were still in the governer's garden. natalie had worked so hard at designing and implementing this vision that we really wanted her to have pictures to see and remember how her reception looked completed, yet untouched (since she + ryan wouldn't arrive at the ballroom until after their cocktail hour.) jennifer, annika: we LOVE you guys. thanks for being so delightful, so dependable and so darn good at what you do!!!!

whenever there's a break in the action, i might try to sneak an image online. that candy butler is EVEN MORE CUTE in person than she seems in her engagement story. whoa! stay tuned!!!