Nancy & David Sharing with Everyone

I knew I was in for a treat when Nancy & David

suggested for their engagement shoot: "Let's go to the farmer's market! David loves to cook." So we did and David bought Nancy flowers . . . along with a few tomatoes.
Based on the hour we spent sorting through vegetables and weaving through stalls, I could tell their wedding was going to be alive with a sense of delight, playfulness and creativity. and I was RIGHT! Here's what was printed on the back of Nancy and David's program:

Hug O' War - by Shel Silverstein

I will not play at tug 0'war.
I'd rather play at hug o'war,
where everyone hugs instead of tugs,
where everyone giggles, and rolls on the rug,
where everyone kisses, and everyone grins,
and everyone cuddles, and everyone wins.

This poem AND Nancy & David's happy smiles & hugs-filled day was the inspiration for the song (another Jack Johnson

winner of a tune: "The Sharing Song") that I chose for their Nancy & David and EVERYONE (wedding day highlights slideshow)

and their album slideshow

. Check 'em BOTH out!

The ceremony, on the blufftop of Les Bourgeois

, was blue-sky beautiful:
And by the way, one of the many reasons that Amy and I go the extra mile and bring along one and sometimes two assistants is the chance to get this: the same moment from two different perspectives. I shot the wide angle "kiss" picture above, while Ashley did a topnotch job of photographing the close-up kiss shot below.
And milkshakes on your wedding day? What could be better?! We headed to Rocheport

after the ceremony for some refreshments at the Rocheport General Store:
...back to the blufftop for a private view of the sunset:
and then what reception details! Nancy hand-folded origami cranes for EACH and EVERY guest! (see what I mean about that creativity?!) by My Secret Garden:...and CUPCAKES by Columbia's very own Upper Crust":...and p.s. (hee hee), Nancy and David hosted a cocktail party Friday night for all their out-of-town guests at the Perlow-Stevens Gallery

on Broadway. What a GREEAAAAAT space for a party...guests can chat AND enjoy the artwork:
The PS Gallery has a partnership with Sycamore Restaurant

, right next door, to provide the catering for special events held in the gallery space (YUM!):
and now we've got to come up with an occasion (a SilverBox couples reunion?!) 'cause a party at the PS Gallery would be grand!

Back to Nancy & David...I have to share one story: After the ceremony, I asked Nancy, "Were you nervous?" "No, not at all!" She said. "I have just known all along that David was THE RIGHT GUY. So I just felt confident." Hats off to that! And now I'm signing off...but not before sharing this photo by Annika who, along with Ashley, shot SO well that day:
Hugs and cheers to you, Nancy & David!