MORE on the look of love in one's OWN BACKYARD!

[ yawning, yawning.....but can't help myself : ]
Kim, I've had the very same thought this week for similar, but not exactly the same reasons.

Here's why: just met Andy & Carrie outside of Andy's parents' home (the house he grew up in!) on Stewart Road....
[note to readers: Stewart Road is coincidentally the neighborhood street that connects Kim & David's house to our's.]
These images were created JUST WALKING TOGETHER UP THE STREET, with a brief stop to sit on a log in Stewart Park before turning up Garth toward the library. ( Andy's a high school English teacher ~ books seemed like the right call. Carrie is the first geologist I've ever met, but she assures me there will be dozens upon dozens at their wedding; many of whom are related to her :D )

Show me the studio where we could get images like THESE.
And Kim you're [once again] oh so's not just the color (though the colors are hard to beat) it's the level of comfort people (of all ages!) feel in their own backyard.

~ a very tired, heading to bed
amy [big yawn, sigh , . . .yawn]
Goodnight, all!