more BRIDES magazine

ok, amy, you've inspired me (as usual :')! I lOVe LoVE the images you chose for the Brides Magazine contest.

For our new Silver Lining readers, here's the SilverBox image that placed 8th in the dress/fashion category in last year's contest:
and i just's still viewable on the brides magazine website...check it out :')

As for THIS year's contest, here's what I've fun to go back over these past weddings and relive some of these incredible moments. and hey, i've linked to each photo's wedding story on our if a picture gets you wanting to see more...just click on the link...

~bride category...amanda living it up on the beach along the Oregon coast (without and then with those yellow boots)
~kids category (love how Aaron and Maureen included all their little nieces in the ceremony with streamers)~and children's category again from Stephanie + Nick's wedding
~parents category (an intense emotional moment for Adrienne's proud and loving that I'm a mom, I finally get it...just how intense this moment must be for a parent)
~ceremony was pouring BUCKETS of rain as Becca and Adam's ceremony big deal for them! they laughed and decided to go barefoot to fully experience that wet grass
~and also for the ceremony and ashley...full of love...when chase first saw this image he said: "it looks like we're framed by a heart!"...the framing was actually the arms & shoulders of two bridesmaids

~bride and groom category...megan and ben...megan laughed ALL DAY LONG!~wedding party category ...we found this old greenhouse in Queeny Park in St. Louis during Maureen and Aaron's wedding...amy and i really appreciate when couples and wedding parties are willing to brave a bit of the out-of-doors to make pictures at locations like this!~parents category...amy's dance with her happy dad while Grady, her groom, looks on
We'll keep you posted on contest results. Really, though, the best part of entering these contests is the walk down memory's helped me realize just how wonderful 2007 was for SilverBox!