molly + ted :: wedding in historic soulard



we got giddy.

ok, in retrospectpre-maturelygiddy as we walked around the 9th Street Abbey before molly + ted's friday evening rehearsal.

as annika and i walked and scouted we found more potential with each and every historic soulard turn.

we were oohing + aahing + a-haa-ing at the sheer delights nature had showered all around.

petals were EVERYWHERE ~ light breeze, perfect weather.

hours later we'd fall asleep [after a SCRUMPTIOUS rehearsal dinner at Wild Flour ~ THANKS AGAIN, mr. and mrs. thomas!] with visions of a blissful spring tomorrow dancing in our heads! "IMAGINE IT!" we said with delight: "a giggling twirling molly in those petals."

life is GOOD.

and then the next morning: hooray! the wedding day started with a burst of energy and fun!

both molly + ted [and appx 35,000 of their friends] ran in the St Pat's 5K race.


can you even IMAGINE a more terrific couple?

no way. no how.

AND know what's best about genuinely terrific couples?  they keep the BIG PICTURE in mind.

BA-OOOOM went the thunder. SIZZLE-SPLAT snapped the lighting as annika and i carried equipment into the chase park plaza hotel to document molly making the transformation from runner to bride.


by the time we were loading the limo for molly + ted's first glance [at the city museum! - their favorite place in town, and ALMOST the site of The Proposal! -- don't worry, more city museum -- and more everything--on the SLIDESHOW]

the spring downpour was in full swing.


so that aforementioned sunny-day scouting for outdoor group shot locations...uummm, nope.

NO PLACE OUTSIDE was an option.

mother nature was not hosting one of those cute and dainty showers with sun peeking through the clouds.  THIS was a for real thunderstorm ~ the dark and scary kind.

alrighty then . . .  TIME FOR a very quick PLAN B:


often times the most beautiful angle of a church's interior is NOT looking up at the altar area, and such is the case with the abbey. THIS is the angle that inspired us. so we set up lights and begged the catering staff to finish their reception set-up by walking the LONG way around. [have we mentioned yet how much we love 9th street abbey?]

we don't always share the more traditional group shots on the the above is an exception. the thing is:  we're so proud of them because it was nearly pitch black outside, time was limited and it took some quick creative thinking and a lot of technical know-how to pull these off. and. we. love. them. REALLY love them.

here's the dirty little secret of photographry: it's pretty easy on a pretty day to make pretty pictures. it's why a cousin who just got "a nice camera" can make some lovely images [pending open shade and some insight into F-stops]. the real reason to hire more seasoned professionals document your celebration is for when things DON'T go according to plan.

the last-minute hand we were dealt: ALL group shots indoors. A MUCH darker interior than we ever would have imagined (since there was no ambient light to come through the windows) and thus a much more dimly lit CEREMONY....AND the garden cocktail party everyone was so excited moving indoors afterall ~ yet what did molly + ted do?

they beamed.

they smiled.

they hugged their family + friends.

they cherished every single moment for what every moment was: the start of their lives together.

unflappable BIG PICTURE people. molly + ted knew what mattered was this irreplaceable moment; not the storm. they were in a room filled with all the people they loved most in the world and there's no way a little thunder can take away from THAT.


just a few of the things that made molly + ted's wedding so terrific:

the reverend pamela dolan

patty long catering company at the 9th Street Abbey [with very special shout out to JACKIE!]

the tremendous ceremony musicians including the root digger trio (who played midnight on the water AND o'carolan's draught!)

and the song of blessing performed by jason ulrich (not a dry eye in the house)

those darling birch log candles nestled in with centerpiece arrangements

mini snickers - xoxoxo!!!

complete music and video ~ LOVED the paper dance especially!

thom howard of play pretty productions who lets us share the fun music you'll hear in MOLLY + TED'S HIGHLIGHT SLIDESHOW

one of our most favorite clients of all time who connects SilverBox to good big picture people like molly + ted.


alex snyder, we love you to the moon and back!