molly + adam :: sweeter than sweet!

What a day!
So many surprises:
90 degrees Fahrenheit (sp?) in October
AND a wedding picture that looks like this:
above description: Mizzou touchdown in that, let's just say it: blowout of a Nebraska game.
Fun times indeed!
Molly + Adam married on the green at Osage National Golf Club.
(A really cool location -- here take a look at the slideshow for more...)
Their wedding weekend was just one fabulous location after another.
First off, look at this beautiful restaurant banquet room. Hooks' calls this room their SUNSET ROOM -- a GREAT name and a GREAT space! JB Hooks is right on the Lake of the Ozarks and was the perfect place to gather their loved ones. Adam + Molly's rehearsal dinner was my first meal at Hooks -- d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s, I tell you!
(As photographers, we especially love a yummy restaurant with great light.)
Look how beautiful Molly looks in window light:
GREAT VIEW (the "best view on the lake" they say)
and a beautiful couple -- inside and out! Not only sweet -- BOTH OF THEM!
Molly + Adam are certainly among the sweetest-to-the-core couples I've ever worked with.

One sweetness example out of dozens:
Molly said to me at rehearsal--

This is the part of the wedding I've been so looking forward to: I LOVE giving people gifts.

Above: Gracie's mom reading Molly + Adam's note before opening....
(Can you tell what she got? )

above: "Diamonds!" Gracie exclaimed!

Though I met Molly + Adam for the first time after they were engaged, I've known Adam's mom Joanie (below, with daughter Erin) for years.

How do I know Joanie? She's my ObGyn's nurse. (crazy, eh?)
And I have a fabulous ObGyn!
(In fact, I might be one of the only women in world who looks forward to her annual doctor's visit. That's how great my doctor -- Dr. Dana Madsen AND her nurse / comedy team partner -- Joanie Brown -- happen to be. I've actually found myself thinking: oh, my annual ob/gyn visit is next week, oh, Good!)

Having known Joanie for the past 9 or 10 years led me to hypothesize that her children (Adam and Erin) would be amazing and fun ~ the kinds of people you just feel lucky to be around.
And yep, it's 100% true.

BOTH Adam and Molly's families are just a joy!
Love THEM, love THEIR SIBLINGS, love THEIR PARENTS -- oh this wedding had especially great DADS!
Here's Ken (Adam's dad) at the reception, but the best part of this picture -- LOOK AT JOANIE in the background! how fun!!!
Molly's dad is a basketball coach in Jeff City: Helias High School. A coach? Would you ever be able to guess by looking at this rehearsal dinner picture? ;)
More pictures from the weekend:
oh I love real moments!!!!
repeat: oh how I LOVE real moments!

Molly and Erin in the dressing room -- look at those fun postures and anticipatory "hooray-i'm-so-excited hands"

below: Adam and his friend-since-they-were-five, Andrew, moments before the ceremony.

Again, look for the truth (i.e. is this a REAL moment?) by looking at the hands.

[Perhaps we've communicated this before, but SilverBox is not down with the oh-could-you-just-do-that-again? approach to wedding photography. It's all about the authentic, baby.]

Here's Molly just reaching the top of the perfectly-mowed aisle:
When great moments have great sky it's all the better!

I love the following 2 pictures so much I'm ever so slightly jealous that they were created by Annika (you know, and not me).

[the internal Q and A
Q: but these pictures were created with
my lens -- does that count for anything?
A: umm...NO.
Okay, I'm almost over it, I would be very proud of them if they were my images, but bottom line: LOVE LOVE LOVE these images. Now rambling: the lens helped, but what really made these pictures amazing is the skillful and artistic shooting, with Annika nailing manual settings, fast action and GREAT in-the-height-of-the-moment composition. Oh, good stuff! ....ok, It IS my post-processing though, so yeah, I'll take credit for THAT.)

Above, 5pm: it looks like it could be summer (and it felt like summer, too!)

Below, nearing 6pm: Within an hour....even though it was still close to 90 degrees, see how the world has that autumnal look?
Regardless of the season, how lucky we are when the sky morphs into a Wow sunset:

And as the sky turned to twilight, Adam + Molly drove off in the golf cart. Pretty sweet stuff!

One more image I just can't resist sharing.
Here are ANNE + DOUG, wedding guests who themselves are getting married this coming summer.

Not only are they Molly and Adam's friends, they're now SilverBox clients, too!)
Hooray, hooray! -- we're so happy about it.
Man, we work with WONDERFUL people.
There are DOZENS more images I'd love to share -- but I think I'll direct you to Molly + Adam's highlight slideshow and call it a night.

welcome home you two! can't wait to hear about Jamaica!!
amy enderle

CORRECTION (and nice note from Molly):
Hello, AMY! OMG, you (an Annika) are SO, SO talented. Adam and I were in tears after watching the slideshow last night...... and then we watched it 3 MORE TIMES!!! Thanks for putting it together so quickly.
We're so happy you were there to capture all our special moments. Can't wait to see the rest!
~ Molly
p.s. The Bahamas were amazing.
Wish you were with us to capture all the breathtaking views!