Memorial Day Weekend ~ meet natalie + ryan!

it's memorial day weekend.


summer's kick-off!!
which means
that a year ago 
the Crowe family looked like THIS
AND that
go out TO
Paul + me
(happy anniversary, honey...15 years...whew!)
melissa + roland
anne + andy
liz + jon
and . . . stop the presses,

cody + phillip (celebrating TWO years this weekend!)

and THAT MEANS it was almost exactly TWO years ago that i first met natalie

and look at her now:

i LOVE getting calls from former SilverBox bridesmaids!
and i loved EVEN MORE that when i caught up with nat + ryan on the old family farm that they'd brought THIS SPARKLEY BLUE TRUCK:

love it, love it, love it!!
no one has lived here for many years ~ LOVE that weathered wood (but just you wait)

there was an old fence, thick with wildflowers at the edge of the yard:

lush green fields, sprouting pastures and yep, Golden Hour stuff . . . who could ever tire of it!?!

and LOOK at this great old barn!!!
oh, but i haven't even shown you THE POND yet . . .
this is a slideshow you've just got to see (with a song i remember my mom listening to in the kitchen since i'm in a happy trip-down-memory-lane type of mood.)
what a fun shoot, huh!
GREAT ideas, natalie + ryan!
can't WAIT to see all that's in store at your wedding. enjoy the rest of the weekend all!!!

keep checking back; we've been shooting LOTS and lovin' every minute of it!!!!

~amy enderle