Melting...hearts at least

The world outside my door is pretty much one big sheet of ice. My kids have been skating...on the front lawn! their tennis shoes! Perfect for sledding BUT whew, it's tough climbing back UP the hills. No school today, extending the long weekend a bit more. Happiness here!

So this winter wonderland is great for kids....but is it great for a wedding?

Okay, less than ideal.

But the frigid, icy conditions in no way chilled the giddiness and sheer joy Raina & David radiated on their wedding day. Here's my favorite shot of Raina & her mom as she's getting ready...all a giggle.

Because of Mother Nature, there were friends and family who were, sadly, unable to join them....closed roads, hazardous drives . . . but I tell you, that little church was filled to the brim with happiness.

Exhibit A: David & Rainia during their "private moment" an hour or two before the wedding. How touching is that look on his face. Lovely. Love it!!

I first met Raina six or seven years ago, and I've never seen her look more beautiful or more happy than she did on Saturday. Wow. Her necklace was a gift that her daughter Brittany had surprised her with (purchased entirely with saved allowance money!) In lieu of a veil, Riana had a sheer delicate champagne-colored wrap that looked so lovely next to her ivory skin.

Here's Raina with daughter Brittany, a 5th grader (and jewelry fan) who has, in the words of her grandfather really just blossomed this past year. I first met "Papa" as he held the back door of the church open for me when I arrived on Saturday. "Hi," I said, "I'm Raina's photographer." "Well hello there" he said, "I'm her dad." The next line: the blossoming part. :DAnd more on there any relationship more precious than that of grandparents-&-grandkids?. There was much that melted my heart at Saturday's ceremony. The way Papa's face lit up in the presence of his granddaughters is most surely near the top of this list. Here's Brittany and cousin Bethany with their grandparents. LOVE IT!:
David and Raina, how I hope you were able to make it to your warm & tropical honeymoon. (Their flight out of Kansas City was canceled so they planned to drive away from the church and onto Memphis, Tennessee in hopes of catching their flight to San Juan, Puerto Rico.) Fingers are crossed that you two are soaking up sunshine and still giggling right now.

How wonderful it was to document your celebration and your family. Thanks so much for having me. Loved it! Be safe!!

~amy enderle