megan + roman :: to have and to hold

midwest girl meets southern boy. and how lucky that megan and roman found one another 'cause they surely are kindred spirits. they're mutual modus operandi: embrace life, have fun, and don't sweat the small stuff!

Megan and Roman's wedding was a delightful blend of midwestern warmth and southern hospitality.

and it was a feast for the eyes, too! beautiful bouquets by Kent's Floral Gallery (see the flower girls' bouquet above) and cakes by Edith Hall. Just look at this "field of flowers" cake by edith at Friday night's rehearsal dinner:

I love getting to work with a family TWICE! remember jessica + lon? jessica is megan's older sister, and she was married just last fall. here is jessica, as excited for her sister's wedding as she was for her own:

and boy, is a "sweetheart veil" (or birdcage veil) a great choice! so lovely AND so easy to move around in!

it was wonderful to see the cott family again and to meet the fox family for the first time:

and remember megan and jessica's grandma from jessica's wedding? here she is, once again, stealing my heart:

click here for megan + roman's wedding slideshow. by the way, i'm posting this from a cafe in berlin (our last stop before amy and i head home). we've attempted "thank you" in polish, czech and now german and have entertained quite a few europeans in the process. we're off to explore berlin for the afternoon.

seeing megan and roman's slideshow has got me missing loved ones back home. so here's a "hat's off" to sisters, parents, grandmas, families expanding, and the love that makes it all possible.