meet FINALISTS: meghan + pat

here we go silver lining readers, the next "win your wedding" finalist couple:

meghan + pat |  honduras

meghan + pat met each other at age 11, attending both middle school and high school together, but pursuing different interests thru college.

so different in fact that Meghan submitted this entry from honduras, where she is working with the Peace Corps helping people living with HIV and AIDS and focusing on HIV-prevention education. to her utter surprise, pat used all of his vacation time and all of his savings to visit meghan with a proposal-of-marriage that came "right in the middle of a honduran rain forest"

meghan wrote:

"I was shocked. We had discussed getting married, but I never thought he would propose before I came back to the U.S. He got down on one knee and said some wonderful things to me. I, being the big dork that I am, could not look at him and just laughed hysterically. He finally had to get down on BOTH knees, because of how long I had taken, and said,

“Meghan, do I have to beg here?'”

*woo-hooo* now THAT makes us smile. nearly every day WE have at least one classic "i love lucy" moment.

here's how we picture it:

good-hearted guy trudges...TRUDGES (!) thru airports, mud + jungles to meet up with woman of his dreams. ring in his pocket. hope in his heart. (BTW, megan shared that the first night he was in honduras -- the night he'd planned to propose, she'd later learn -- pat was doubled-over with stomach pain because of something he'd eaten.)

yet good-hearted man finally, yes, arrives!

and now, (whew) with stomach pain subsided and nerves grounded, our leading man can stand! walk!!

he'd reasoned.

he'd rehearsed.

he'd relentlessly found all the right words for thoughts + feelings he'd wanted to share with the love of his life...

the moment was HERE....

dropping to one knee, pulling the ring from his pocket, one last big breath of confidence, THE question is finally asked.

to which our leading lady responds . . . .

with complete + utter laughter.

the man is weary! the travels, the stomach pains! the wobbly knees. the trudging!! so what can he do but drop to second knee as well, take one MORE big breath and say:

"meghan, do i have to beg here?"

oh yeah, meghan + pat are absolutely a SilverBox kind of couple! 

after all, what can beat a great narrative?!? (oh yeah, PICTURES with narrative *wink*wink*)

"I am now finishing up the Peace Corps and I am headed home (Arlington, VA) in one month. Even after almost 11 years of dating and 14 years of friendship, I feel butterflies in my stomach when I think about the fact that Pat and I will finally be in the same place at the same time. I am so used to having to go months without seeing him, and I know how lucky I am to see him now every day, for the rest of my life."

meghan, WE feel lucky that you're considering SilverBox to document your celebration and would delight in creating your pictures during the biggest butterflies-in-stomach day of all.

still laughing,

amy + kim