Maureen + Aaron: You're the ONE!

I first met Maureen and Aaron

on a San Diego beach over a year ago while photographing Niki and JP's wedding

(Aaron is JP's brother) . . . Maureen and Aaron weren't "quite" engaged then, but there were rumors . . . and look at 'em now: married October 13 on a warm wet day in St. Louis. Check out their "You're the One" Slideshow by clicking here

and read on!

While Amy (along with SilverBox couple Natalie + Scott) were huddling under umbrellas in Columbia that same day, we had our own dose of showers in St. Louis . . . recognize those black & white umbrellas? . . . they sure come in handy!But a little rain did not dampen Maureen or Aaron's or anyone else's spirits:

And by late afternoon we were back out at Queeny Park

, a spot Maureen remembers hanging out at while growing up in St. Louis. "I think I really put this wedding party through the paces," I told my husband, David, the next day. "What do you mean?" he asked. "Well . . . first we walked down a muddy path and through knee high wet grass 'cause there was this AMAZING tree, and I was inspired by a similar wedding party photo of Amy's . . . . . . and then we hiked back through the grass, squeezed in between some bushes and over a gravel pile to get to this REALLY AMAZING old greenhouse . . .. . . and I kept telling them, 'it's gonna be worth it, guys, I promise!'" "Hmmm," David said, "It sounds like a wedding party can give the bride and groom a huge gift by having fun with the picture taking." He is SO RIGHT about that! So thanks to Maureen and Aaron for braving the damp AND to their big & wonderful wedding party, 'cause you WERE good sports, and we've got the pictures to prove it.

And then a lively reception at (drum roll here, 'cause it's one of the most extravagant, crazy-funky spots on the planet) the City Museum

. (If you haven't been here yet . . . you've got to experience it for yourself!)We also made some city-museum-inspired shots just by walking a few steps around Maureen and Aaron's reception in the Vault Room:
Maureen and Aaron, thanks for welcoming me into your wonderful day . . . (and check back later . . . UPDATE: your album slideshow



Amy and I are off to Oregon to photograph Amanda + Brennan's wedding first thing next morning . . . so our next entry may just be from the Oregon coast.