matt + jonica :: maaahvelous!

a halfway point between their place and mine:  tower grove park and 

wowza did we ever end up with the PERFECT day!
golden leaves:
golden sun!

and look! it was even warm enough for some fountain frolicking!! ~ not too shabby for this time of year!
and this. THIS. the perfect-for-climbing wall right there in the park . . .

get out. fun fanciful BATHROOM WALLS? 
wow that crazy tower grove park, perfect for kids of all ages! . . .

. . . AND so convenient to the city diner
click here for the slideshow to see how sweetly this shoot came to a close.
and YES! jonica + matt were ALSO at (and in matt's case, IN) alex + tim's wedding.

oh what fun!

and THIS SONG, i first heard it listening to podcasts of This American Life.
love LOVE these podcasts. just getting started? -- all episodes are pretty great, but this:
WHAT I LEARNED FROM TELEVISION, esp. the insightful ACT II is a great introduction.
these public radio programs are archived and online ~ FREE and a great productivity tool, too.
(hmmm, could the same be said of the latest SilverBox slideshow? -- aah, productivity is a bit overrated, don't you think?!)
thanks for taking a look!
and thanks matt + jonica for making the trip. sure loved every minute of it!!