Macro lens fun! PLUS a new light source!

you know how when we get home and it's almost 1AM and even though you started shooting 10 or 12 hours ago, you just CAN'T settle down + go to bed, NOT YET b/c these images are just too exciting and you've gotta see 'em?

what a wedding!
can't wait to tell you all about jenny + daniel's celebration....
not only was it breathtakingly beautiful, it was a like a SilverBox reunion i tell ya:
amanda + brennan were there! and amy + grady came in from new york! oh, and stacy + bobby, too!!
and even kelly (o'toole) howe who's wedding i documented (gasp!) 5 years ago this summer -- she are chris are expecting their 2nd baby soon and we talked about doing tummy shots with big brother westin (isn't that a GREAT name!) in may....oh THAT will be so fun!...and i haven't even started telling you about the gobs and gobs of bridesmaids + groomsmen from past SilverBox weddings in attendance;

ok, so SOON i'm going to tell you more, but for now; just two images to share....
kim and i lOVE photographry research and new photography finds and we've just this week added to the SilverBox armory with:

a. our first true MACRO lens; and LOOK what it can do with your rings (these are mini cheesecake bikes holding 'em up ~ hee-hee!)

b. a new little light -- see the soft warm light on jenny + her mom's faces? 
we (along with annika) CREATED that......oh la la!

can't wait to share more!