Lynn & Tim ~ and their guests from around the world

The first words the woman sitting next to me today on the plane (Jane from Charlottesville en route to San Franciso, glancing over mid-flight) said:
Those dresses are absolutely a beautiful – gorgeous!
which completely enticed me to share that Lynn Vessell, the bride, designed them herself, and they're each completely INDIVIDUAL. Lynn is amazing. She lives in Nairobi, Kenya, and works for a non-profit organization called Amani ya Juu (a sewing and reconciliation project for marginalized women of Africa) see: You could stop reading right there and in my book Lynn qualifies as one of the most interesting people I've ever met but get this....

From Africa she had written to her girlfriends and asked each of them about their all-time favorite dresses and what feature they loved. Lynn then used their reponses to individually craft each bridesmaid dress. So no two were alike - yet they were all beautifully complementary. Here, maybe this image gives a closer look at each:

The bridesmaid dresses are sewn from sari fabric, and Lynn layered the material in the design. When these women walked, it was an absolute swirl of color. Breathtaking. AND she'd brought their jewelry (again, each individual) back from Africa, too. In fact, unique African details abound. Look at this version of the flower girl baskets.
And staying true to the autumn color palette, it wasn't actually flowers her charming neices sprinkled down the aisle, but LEAVES. And she designed/created/sewed HER dress, too. AND she is so so very calm and poised and good and positive.
Are you thinking, geez, what a lucky man to marry this woman - equally creative and giving and kind, and yes, Tim would agree. But whoa, what till you hear about HIM. I met Tim about a year a half ago when he flew in from Africa (he's a missionary with Samaritan's Purse) to be part of John & Liz Horn's wedding. I remembered him in part because of A vintage mustang that he restored and rebuilt. Maybe that's why I so adore this picture. Tim, stepping out of his car and toward the church on his wedding day. He'd just arrived, tie in hand.

His friends are such a great group of guys. See below for just how fun they are. Jon Horn (of the Jon and Liz wedding) is the tallest and the other guys said, "hey Horn, you should stand in this broken part of the wall" - pretty funny. And look at the height his best man has reached (Roger, far right)

Here the groomsmen are walking up the side aisle in the Tim & Lynn's processional. And here to the left are many of these same guys are last year at Liz and Jon's wedding the very moment Jon saw Liz: But truth be told, it wasn't just the car that helped me remember exactly which of Jon's groomsmen Tim Windmeyer was. (a) he's the cutest thing and (b) as are his parents!! I sat with them for a bit at Liz and Jon's reception and just fell in love. They are the kind of parents I hope Paul and I can be. And look how cute:

If only one word was being used to describe the life perspective of Tim and his parents, and Lynn, too, it might just be "grateful." Because they are so truly grateful for each other and the blessings of their lives being near them is palpably uplifting. Their friends came from around the world to share their wedding with them. The first person I talked with at rehearsal Friday night was Tim's usher Ivan who is Canadian by birth and now lives in Quatar. Have you ever met anyone living in Quatar? Whoa. At dinner that evening I met two wedding guests who'd flown in from Australia. Tim and Lynn's wedding was joyous. Absolutely joyous!
I promise to post the online album as soon as it's complete...there is so much to share! And speaking of JOY, Liz shared the most joyous news of all. She and Jon are expecting their first baby this summer. Whoo-hoo!!
Kim and I are settling into our cabin at a fabulous photo seminar we can't wait to till you more about, but...soon....

from Oregon,
amy enderle