Lynn & Randy (and Everybody Came!)

My blog entries are about 2 weeks behind, BUT what an amazing 2 weeks it's been for SilverBox couples (correction: "SilverBox FAMILIES" is more like it!)

Tracy & Michael (married 6/23/05) had a BABY BOY, a baby boy who has his own blog -- you can read about his adventures HERE.

Above is a picture I DIDN'T take (but LOVE: esp. that perfect negative space between top of Jonah's head and the curve of Tracy's chin) How cute is that boy!! Tracy thanks so much for emailing the image -- I can't wait to meet him.

AND while downtown at Thursday night's Twilight Festival, Zoe & I ran into Jon & Liz Horn (married 5/29/05) pushing a STROLLER with little 11-day old Charlotte Horn sleeping inside. When Zoe & I peeked in, Charlie was making a little pouty cute! Zoe couldn't resist touching her little cheecks and as we walked away Zoe said, "I LOVE her!"

Jennifer & Devin Brown (7/23/04) expect to welcome their baby boy to the world sometime in July with Megan & Justin Riley (7/20/05) not too far behind. Hey Kim can we have a big Everybody-Bring-Their-Babies-Party on YOUR NEW PATIO??? (And hey, FYI: we should post up some pictures of your new house.) Oh, and JUST TODAY, I saw Kim Adkins mom. As she was tying tulle around 200 chairs, she mentioned how much fun it is to have grandbaby Max around ....wouldn't getting everyone together be so much fun!!! And there are lots of other babies now I haven't even mentioned....these are just the newest ones. AND, you know it just wouldn't be a SilverBox party if there were no Losapios...

what if...

(know where I'm going with this, Kim?)
we "invited everybody, and everybody came"

OK, that settles I simply must put LYNN & RANDY's SLIDESHOW to that fun Everybody Came song. Once it's in my head, I just can't shake it. Lynn & Randy were married in the middle of winter in beautiful, warm Hawaii but hosted their reception June 1st much closer to home. They're from Boonville and invited friends and family to come join them at The Tiger Hotel...and, you guessed it, Everybody Came. CLICK HERE TO SEE (and hear!) JUST WHAT I MEAN".

(Kim's convinced me to give her slideshow approach a try. If you haven't done so yet, you'll need to download a free version of QuickTime Player here. First off, install the free software. Secondly: play movie and enjoy!

signing off, thinking about babies & parties and yep, this crazy song

PS a few of my favorite pictures from Lynn & Randy's celebration: