Lyndsey & Kevin and 14 things

I'm back from two weeks of hiking & camping along Lake Superior and visiting cousins on the shore of Lake Michigan. Pictures from that trip will be posted later, 'cause FIRST OFF, I've got to shout about just how GReAt Lindsey & Kevin's wedding was. AND to prove my point, here are 14 things to love about their wedding (from my wedding photojournalist's point of view!):

thing-to-love #1 ~ a color feast of oranges & blues (and my FAVORITE photo of Lyndsey & Kevin)
thing-to-love #2 ~ sisters & girlfriends
thing-to-love #3 ~ seeing old favorites in new ways . . .
Amy and I have photographed many weddings at the historic United Methodist Church, and it never fails to present us with new angles:~ok, any guesses out there...just WHAT is happening here?!thing-to-love #4 ~ birds-eye view from a balcony (karen assisted from that balcony and nailed this shot)thing-to-love #5 ~ joything-to-love #6 ~ strolling downtown
thing-to-love #7 ~ sprinklers on a HOT July day
thing-to-love #8 ~ flowers by My Secret Garden...just BEeUtiful!thing-to-love #9 ~ a cake by nationally recognized Edith Hall, also BEeUtiful!thing-to-love #10 ~ enjoying that cake (and check out how much fun the wedding guests are having too!)thing-to-love #11 ~ a heartfelt toast
thing-to-love #12 ~ a first dancething-to-love #13 ~ lovely lighting, inside and out at The Columbia Country Clubthing-to-love #14 ~ and Lyndsey & Kevin, who radiated happiness all day long!
An album slideshow is in the works, so check back for that!