loving light

You can't talk about the Church of St. Mary, Aldermanbury on Westminster College's campus without talking about light. Right after Alex and Anne's wedding, when dramatic late evening sun rays traveled (how many?!) light years to earth and squeezed their way through the gaps between storm clouds to illuminate Anne's long veil in just the right way, I remembered this statement by Monet: "I'm running after a slice of color. I want to paint the intangible. It's appalling the way light escapes, taking color along with it." Yes to all that!!!

And "yes!" to the incomparable Church of St. Mary, Aldermanbury (the light-filled, airy church designed by Christopher Wren that was re-erected as a memorial to Winston Churchill in Fulton after being damaged in London during WWII).

And "yes!" to the calm, loving kindness that Anne & Alex share with one another, their friends, their families.

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and by checking out these pictures from their light-graced day:
This next shot was made by Ashley, who assisted me for the first time this day and did a great job documenting the ceremony from the balcony:Anne's father paused in the doorway just long enough for this to happen: