love & luck in the Bahamas

I couldn't resist the urge to blog from the BEACH! Lyndsay and Ryan have been married for 8 hours now . . . and I'm so excited to sneak a peak at pictures, that I've begun editing while our feet are still gritty with sand.

We're staying at the SAME resort (Atlantis

, on Paradise Island in the Bahamas) where Ryan proposed to Lyndsay last January, almost a year ago to the day! Remembering that proposal while walking through the casino (the operative word here is "through" not "into") last night, Ryan confided: "I'm not much of a gambler; I just don't seem to have that kind of luck...but I gambled on Lyndsay, and look how lucky I really am." Spoken like a happy man about to marry the love of his life.

And speaking of marriage, this wedding day was an amazing start to Lyndsay & Ryan's. The women spent the morning (and a good part of the afternoon) in bathrobes (colorfully coordinated!):
then walked barefoot, laughing the entire way, to the ceremony (oceanside of course!):

Lyndsay & Ryan took a post-ceremony spin on the beach
And then it seemed that everywhere we turned was calling to us: "make a picture HERE!" There were storm clouds to the north:

fireworks (who knew?!) to the east:

a sunset to the west:

and to our south? JUNKANOO!

(a carnival-like parade of west African dancing and music that my cab driver explained: "it's how we Bahamans share the gift of our cultural expression with the world"). Dressed in wedding garb, Lyndsay & Ryan really had NO chance at remaining bystanders and were pulled, straightaway, into the center of the action.

Love AND luck were in abundance today.

A big thanks goes to Allison & Evan (hey, be sure to visit his new bar, "On the Rocks," on Broadway in Columbia!), who allowed themselves to be recruited as instant lighting assistants. And WOW do I appreciate having been welcomed so warmly & so generously into this intimate, crazy fun gathering of the Perry & Herigon families! See you all at the Columbia reception!

~kim wade