love in the air ~ Special Today

How cute are David & Kim in that last entry?
[ALMOST as cute as they are today...
you should see them with their kids!]

Looks like it's sort of feast or famine here on The Silver Lining.
Kim and I had the same idea: Post to the Blog -- we've got great couples to introduce you to!!

We've been busy (happily, HAPPILY busy) AND
Paul and I celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary this week to boot.

FYI upon reflecting on Kim's entry: To our knowledge, there's not a SINGLE picture of Paul & I during our dating years + engagement...looking back at that time,
(meaning the pre-mortgage, pre-children-years)... well that season of life is truly fleeting. Case in point: we spent our anniversary evening coaching a t-ball game (in which the Dragons, yes 5 & 6-year-olds! had a DOUBLE PLAY!!) before rushing over to the middle school pot-luck.]

But I digress...

The bottom line: soak up these moments.
Good times are ahead, but it's a different kind of good.
Relish the here & now.


~Sarah Carter & Tyler Nivens
currently planning their December wedding.

~ Molly Blanton & Adam Brown, to be wed this Fall on Osage National Golf Course (bring on that fall follage!)

~ Sarah Courtney & Nick Haberberger, whose wedding I'm soooo excited to document in September.

Extra special thanks to the Rocheport General Store for letting us get all the great angles around their fabulous copper counter while Nick & Sarah slurped down their rootbeer floats.

It's an amazing space!

Oh, and see (below) the visual evidence of Special that! LOVE being able to do this for a living. SilverBox Clients are THE BEST. We're so honored to document this time in your lives. (B/C afterall, you might be coaching t-ball before you know it :D)

~ love & happiness,
amy enderle

PS click the couple's names in the above entry to see a quick slideshow of each shoot highlights set to music. These shows were created at Annika's request who helped out with the Adam & Molly session and the Sarah & Nick session, too -- AND, who becomes an auntie for the first time today.Thinking of you, Annika!! ~ ae