love in legoland

weddings have such a pull on me that it appears i can't resist pulling out my camera even when it's....LEGO people getting married.

and did you know, there are weddings galore in San Diego's legoland! . . . lego limos, lego brides, lego CAMERAS, lego PHOTOGRAPHERS!

my folks treated my kids to a trip to San Diego last week, so i flew straight from the WPPI conference in Las Vegas to San Diego (and legoland's version of vegas).

after photographing the third legoland wedding (wow. . . did you know you can shoot a wedding every 3 minutes in miniland USA?) my kids just did some combination of laugh-roll-the-eyes-come-on-mom-let's-go-ride-roller-coasters.

between real vegas and miniland vegas . . . i think i preferred legoland's version . . . it just seemed . . . well . . . more innocent

and look, here's where we stayed in real vegas . . . but here it is in lego vegas . . . i felt like i'd never left

and then there was miniland Washington D.C. . . . jaw-dropping. Here's the inauguration . . . lego obama + michelle, lego aretha . . . amazing.

and now, back in the real missouri, amy and i are off to shoot emily + jeff's wedding in St. Louis. it's great to be back in a real wedding groove!