learning from friends (or i.e. how to make a head shot)

"LeapFrog Learning" is what kim calls it.

will you think us even bigger geeks if we admit how much we [both] love LOVED...ALWAYS l0VeD!! school ~ well, okay, to clarify: we loved the Best of School ~ the learning something new part!

one of the dozens upon dozens of things i love about having a cool + talented + engaging business partner is that when i have a photography a-ha!, i have someone to TELL.

PLUS, kim is always so excited to HEAR . . . even if my idea turns out to be well, not that earth-shattering, she still dives right in and explores it, too.

it's very happy that way.

and of course the vice versa: kim calls (or emails, or knocks) with her new photography insights ~ oh how her ideas + images inspire me!  and then <'cause see it gets even better> she says:
"hey, let me show you how . . ."

when kim got back from Lyndsay + Ryan's wedding in The Bahamas last winter, i was like, "ok, you gotta teach me. you are NAILING those bridal headshots" so we had a little workshop, involved some of our (amazing!) SilverBox Assistants and dove deeper....

over the next few months, kim kept hitting these out of the park...as well, i kept getting closer;
some of our '07 favs:

and some slight variations on the theme:

where am i going with all this?
yesterday, fun friend and fellow columbia photographer stacie pottinger called me after photographing a birth (that's one of her photographic specialties and whew, her work is AMAZINGLY beautiful.)
so stacie says: "where are you RIGHT now? and if i come hand you my camera, will you take a headshot?"
and we did THIS . . .
. . . on the school playground while tycho + friends tossed the football. stacie emailed the image last night saying '"thank you so much" and i realized you know what, it's really thanks to KIM WADE! she nailed this look, then she taught me....

LeapFrog Learning . . . it's fun! it's friend-friendly, and hey; it EVEN works commercially:
be it a salon full of beautiful women --

or heck, even blueberry waffles ;)

it's BEAUTIFUL!! get out there!
big hug, amy enderle