Law of Attraction (Oregon Installment #2)

"It's NEVER this mild in October! You guys are lucky," the locals would tell us when they found out we were in Oregon for a mid-afternoon wedding on the beach. Was it luck or was it "The Law of Attraction!" as Brennan + Amanda joked . . . the idea that setting ones' thoughts and intentions (like wanting an unseasonably warm day to be married on an Oregon beach) can affect reality? Hmmm....don't know, but whatever the cause, reality was pretty great.

And it was great on so many levels: the big, grand, breathtaking landscapes (including a view of Haystack Rock made famous by "The Goonies" ~ 1985 film favorite of Brennan + Amanda's), as well as the small, fleeting moments . . . a quick glance, a touch on the shoulder. The ceremony had both: take a look at some of amy's and my favorite shots of the ceremony as well as Brennan and Amanda on the beach afterwards:
And then, talk about setting one's intentions! Amanda had decided over the summer that she would walk into the ocean wearing her wedding dress on her wedding day. With no concerns about keeping the dress pristine, Amanda was able to do it ALL: climb on rocks, run through the surf, jump into tidepools, roll in the sand and YES! swim in the ocean in her wedding dress (which apparently gets heavy when wet!). Watching Amanda take that plunge into the ocean, knowing that she was driven by pure joy and by intense determination, was exhilerating, awe-inspiring, like seeing someone accomplish a physical feat they'd been training for for years. Amanda, rock on!!!!

There were so many wonderful moments from Brennan and Amanda's wedding, that it's been hard to narrow down photos for blog entries. So come see more by watching: Brennan + Amanda's Oregon wedding slideshow. And Amanda and Brennan, you have been the ideal SilverBox couple . . . so full of life and laughter, so bold and brave AND so intent on creating a wedding experience for you and your guests that was unique to you. Thanks and congrats!

~kim and amy