laughter! :: light-hearted love

Don't you just love being around people who laugh!
2 quick stories, then an introduction to a fabulously fun couple:
Laura + Chris.

story 1:

When I was just getting to know my college friend Nikki, we skipped a dining hall meal and went to McDonald's with her boyfriend (now husband of about 15 years: Jim) We had all just found seats, but Jim popped back up for ketchup or something. And, true story: Nikki nabbed his untouched cheeseburger, took a bite out of the patty, closed it up and returned everything back to its place, giving me the SHHH sign with a wink at the same time.
WHAT is she doing I thought?!
Jim comes back, sits down, sees Nik holding in giggle - glances at me - then instinctively lifed the bun off his burger to reveal yep, that sad little patty with one big bite missing.
I have thought about how funny that scene was every-so-often ever since. Nik and Jim are pranksters, "teasers" and they both love it -- and because of the pranks and smiles and giggles and eye-rolling they are an absolute blast to be around.

story 2:

Tycho (our baby -- turned 7! this week. WHAT?!)
He continues to be just a breath of fresh air around here. There are a million things about him Paul and I adore, but perhaps my favorite: he is oh-so quick to laugh. And his laugh fills a room! He finds such humor in the everyday!! His cackle: absolutely contagious. When he was (more literally) just a baby he laughed early and often. And once he starts laughing it just rolls. Soon everyone nearby is laughing, too. He notices "the funny" in things that to most others, simply go unnoticed. His light-hearted little self can just make my day.

Why am I thinking about LAUGHTER?
Because Chris and Laura are fabulous!
Being with them is a laugh-a-minute I tell you.
They share a light-hearted, good-natured, why-take-life-too-seriously gusto and soon the giddy erupts.
Now that's my kind of picture taking!!

Take a look at this slideshow to see what I mean.

Hope you too (at least this very momet), are getting a kick out of life

thanks for taking a look!!
~amy enderle