kourtney + joey: seeing each other through

Let's talk about TALENT, ok?! First off, Kourtney + Joey have an amazing talent for pulling people together AND for putting on one heck of a party. Their wedding took place in Kourtney's father's backyard (with lake and dock and chairs and tents and roses and sunset). Beautiful!
And I know I've said this in a blog post before, but here goes again: I just love it when a bride gets ready at home. Kourtney was surrounded by friends and family while she dressed . . . so personal and relaxed and lovely.

and Joey, on a different floor of the house . . . getting ready with friends:
Ok, back to that talent theme. Kourtney is an artist. She just graduated from college with an art degree (which included organizing her own art exhibit) AND one of her paintings is hanging in her dad's house . . . take a look:
And musical talent runs in the family too! Kourtney's stepdad, Jim, sang while Kourtney came down the "aisle" with her father.
And Kourtney's brother-in-law, Justin Hodges, performed a song during the ceremony that HE WROTE. After hearing his voice...i had my suspicions...and yes!...it turns out that Justin is a professional singer-songwriter. I was blown away! You've got to check out Justin's website (click here). He has an album coming out this year, and I just downloaded his latest single, "Blink of an Eye," from iTunes. (You can too!)

And shh....don't tell Kourtney or Joey 'cause it's a surprise: their wedding slideshow is set to the song, "See You Through" that Justin performed during their wedding.
But wait there's more, Kourtney's sister, Lisa, sang during the reception,
and Justin jumped in for an impromptu duet:
The reception was jam-packed and blazing. But my favorite part was Kourtney and Joey's first dance with each other and with their parents. Take a look (and check out the crowd reaction):And while we're on the topic of talent. I've got to rave about SilverBox assistant photographers, Karen and Jennifer. Both assisted me at Kourtney and Joey's wedding, and they both made beautiful pictures that day. Their images are scattered throughout this post, but I wanted to highlight a couple here:

~this shot that Jennifer took of Joey and Kourtney's mothers embracing is GREAT wedding photojournalism...perfectly composed and a perfect moment:
~and this shot by Karen, who found great spots from which to document the processional and the ceremony. I love the horizontal and diagonal lines of this image along with Kourtney's placement in the frame:
And I've also got to mention Kasey, Kourtney's sister, who arranged to get me a copy of Justin's song for the slideshow. I was inspired by how incredibly close she and Kourtney are . . . their love for one another affected us all during Kasey's toast (hurray for sisters): And in between ceremony and reception, we took a spin around the lake with a few stops along the way:
Come take a peek at Kourtney + Joey's wedding slideshow. Congrats to Kourtney, Joey and their family on a homegrown-hometown-heck-of-a-fantastic-wedding!