KIM WADE's WPJA recognition

WPJA's (the Wedding Photojournalist Association) competition is truly international and they get thousands of I'm oh-my-gosh, oh-so-proud of KIM WADE right now that i'm dancing in pjs -- and yes, even by the windows!!!!! (though yes, my daughters may very well faint from embarrassment)

If ever you're looking for inspiring images (you know, in addition to what you're finding here at The Silver Lining LOL) scroll through ol' WPJA ~ they really represent the best of who's out there.

Yeah for Kim. Yeah for Kim. Yeah for Kim!!!!!!

That's RAIN actually falling OFF THE ROOF while Adam catches it in his hand IN TAOS New Mexico. AND it's Becca Young he's kissing (lucky guy!). Becca has shot many a wedding with us and NOW (together with Adam) has her own wedding photography business in addition to traveling the world as a photojournalist.

ok, now you dance, too so I don't start to feel self-conscious ;)