Kennedy :: Rock Bridge SR'19

 Columbia, MO Senior Portraits

Miles of style and the hair & smile combo guaranteed to turn heads! Kennedy is brimming with enthusiasm for life and compassion for others. Her penmanship is perfection and she puts in the work to keep her grades on point. She has a soft spot for all of the internet’s cute cat videos and real life kitters, too. Kennedy is a member of the Rock Bridge Bruin Girls dance team and dreams of owning her own store one day. Next year she’s hitting the road for college out of state. Kennedy :: Rock Bridge SR’19

Hair & Makeup by Nicole Hughes of Bespoke Hair Company


student of • Rock Bridge High School self-defined as • funny, outgoing, smiley dream job • own her own store  weirdly passionate about • a cat named Calvin "last meal" • ice cream  unusual talent • calligraphy  unwavering determination to • keep straight A’s