Katharine :: Rock Bridge SR'19

Columbia, MO Senior Portraits

Dancer. Dreamer. Spanish speaker. Katharine is one tall blonde beauty. She is a graceful and talented competitive dancer and a member of the Rock Bridge Bruin Girls. Katharine is kind and enjoys frequent sushi dates with friends. She loves the beach and is the youngest of 3 girls. And Katharine's the friend you call when you need your makeup to look flawless! Katharine would love to join a college dance team but only time will tell if she'll be cheering on MIZ or ASU. Katharine :: Rock Bridge SR'19


student of • Rock Bridge High School self-defined as • outgoing, friendly, and ambitious   future plans • dancing in college and minoring in Spanish spends her dollars at • lululemon "last meal" • sushi and Dr. Pepper  circus act • rolling her tongue into a 3-leaf clover  loves SilverBox Seniors because •  I have seen the many photos they've taken and they're all amazing! My sisters had SilverBox do their senior photos and they turned out very good!