Kari + AJ and loved ones galore

AJ and Kari: Happy Two-Week Anniversary! Just before I left for the Bahamas to shoot a wedding there, I documented Kari and AJ's wedding right here in mid-Missouri. What stood out most was this: Kari and AJ were SURROUNDED by loved ones . . . parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts, siblings, nieces, nephews along with friends friends friends.

It's a dream-come-true for documentary photographers . . . real, special, and intensely emotional moments between family members to document at every turn. Watch their slideshow by clicking here to see what I mean.

You could tell how much Kari and AJ love the LITTLE ONES in their lives . . . including them when getting ready:

. . . and all during the ceremony

. . . by the way, dry eyes were hard to find during the ceremony

. . . and during the reception (and check it out, the photo above and the one of Kari dancing with her dad below, were made by Jennifer who helped me that day; these shots are two of my FAVORITES!). Kari's dad sang to her just before dancing . . . what a moment for kari

. . . and for their friends
. . . and just look at the love in these other dances with family members: AJ with his mom
~ and Kari with her grandpa
. . . oh and the rehearsal dinner held the night before was at the Tiger Hotel's newly renovated banquet room on the top floor. AJ is a chef at the Tiger, so the food looked and tasted INCREDIBLE!
and the room glows with light and beautiful artwork on the walls

along with incredible almost-aerial views of downtown Columbia . . . a perfect location for rehearsal dinners!
Congrats, Kari + AJ. Thanks for picking SilverBox to document your beautiful, family-and-love-filled day! And if you haven't watched it yet, be sure to enjoy their wedding day slideshow.
and photos from susi + david's wedding in the bahamas last weekend are soon to following . . . so check back!