Kansas City's Union Station....it's beginning to look at lot like Christmas

as currently planned, john will be in from new york just one time prior to his wedding week. so stephanie (who's living here in missouri) and i had created an inclement weather plan in case of rain or snow or nasty temperatures....WELL, we weren't faced with any of those obstacles, however....it was, yikes: wind!

boy did kansas city's union station come in handy. there's a huge toy train exhibit housed on the main floor......
....... dozens of trees and hundreds of people taking it all in (in addition to 6 wedding parties in the mix), but thanks to annika being along to position and hold the off-camera flash and john + steph just being so happy to be together, we all made the most of it.

and what fun it was!! it's sooooo uplifting to be with people so in love.
when you see this slideshow, you'll notice more than a few kissing pictures. i don't remember asking them to kiss, it just seemed like it kept happening ;)

am looking out the office window at the season's first snow!
puts me in the mood for christmas and what's christmas without charlie brown? listen, watch + enjoy and see what i mean....

have a great weekend everybody!
~amy enderle