Just Like You ~ the Felton-Bettis gang

we don't do a whole lot of family sessions...
but when we do, THIS is what we like!
be it the whole gang up in the tree house:

or a slice-of-life shot of just one family member. . . like when Cooper took his guinea pig out into the yard for a little sunshine:

The Felton-Bettis bunch are big BIG Mizzou fans and wanted to pull out their favorite black & gold.

here's Colby upping the ante a bit:

oh, and middle-schoolers . . . never the easiest of the group to photograph, but play all the cards right, have a little luck on your side and whoo-hoo, sometimes you get THIS:
[i heart sun flare!!]
when we went to the farm, Connor pointed out his asparagus patch.
(how cool is that! ~ both the asparagus patch and that new smokin' macro lens that makes my heart skip a beat)

lots of other fun + adventure, too....wanna see more of this fabulous family.... hey, you should peek at their SLIDESHOW ~ click here, take a look!!!!)

thanks for a great Sunday you guys!