jump for joy @ Powell Gardens with Tonya, Jeramy + SilverBox Photographers

ok. yep. THAT picture. the one above. yes THAT ONE. that one is my newest favorite.

tonya + jeramy ON TOP OF THE WORLD!

powell gardens = a feast for the eyes!

oh such cuteness!:

melt-my-heart i'm loving this mom-daughter picture:

tonya's neice was VERY proud to twirl about (and certainly would have done so all day if we asked)

the powell gardens chapel is deep in the woods. (but you get to it by following a perfect meditative path ~ love that feature!) kim wade's first words walking into the enchanted chapel: "this is just the place i could see david and i getting married" [a 2-pronged compliment (i.e. both to Place and to Husband) since she and david have been married 15+ years] :)

jeramy's face the first time he saw her enter the chapel was SO VERY IMPORTANT to tonya [kim was near the alter shooting back toward the mighty doors; i was in the back corner soaking up jeramy's every expression]

the interior of the chapel? super cute from every angle ~ especially this next one: a vertical fish-eye. and oh la la, what great seeing with that close crop image on the right, kim wade! tonya + jeramy have just stepped up to the top of the alter and are reaching for each other { { SWOOOOON! } }

more fish-eye action:

moment by moment

what better time than the golden hour to have a few minutes alone with the newlyweds :) :) :) :) :)

oooh, aaah, twilight (with a little POP thanks to some off-camera lighting) LOVE It! Love THEM!!!

yep love CERTAINLY in the air.

and for the whole story, here's a slideshow you'll be grooving to all afternoon.

it's a beauty of a day out there. enjoy!!!!

~ amy enderle silverbox photographers