jessica + lon ~ better together!

my husband has said: "if it were always october in missouri, then missouri would be the new california." fall in missouri is GLORIOUS . . . and so was jessica + lon's october wedding.

my hands-down favorite shots of the day were of lon and jessica's preparations. this wedding is a "case in point" for why amy and i love documenting EVERY part of the day,

~laughs with the hair stylist (which was carla, amy's sister(!!), at salon nefisa . . . what a beautiful space!).

by the way, carla is working on jessica's hair in the shot on the left,
jessica's sister, megan, is sporting her new hairdo in the middle shot,
and lon's mom is smiling big in the shot on the right (along with salon nefisa owner, sara)

~laughs while dressing . . . jessica's mom and sister full of fun

and jessica's dad, seeing jessica in her wedding dress for the first time (this is the kind of moment we wedding photojournalists LIVE for!) the shallow depth of field creates the hint of jessica in the foreground, while directing your eye to her dad's face . . .

jessica chose, for her "something old" . . . and/or "something borrowed?" . . . to wear this broach from her grandmother on the back of her gown:

and take a look at this grandmother, when she enter.s and sees jessica and the broach . . . this series may be the most delightful shots of a grandmother i've ever created . . .

and jessica, moments before walking down the aisle

~meanwhile, lon was in a nearby room . . . thank goodness for his dad's skill at fixing ties . . . we were all stumped (you know . . . how to get the knot, the length just right . . . tough stuff) until he arrived on the scene

~the emotional intensity of the ceremony, led by the reverand at Trinity Lutheran Church who baptized jessica way back when . . .

and be sure to check out the grasses and decorations around the candles designed by kent at kent's floral gallery . . . i believe jessica's exact words when she first saw them was: "I love kent!"

~we headed from the church to the reception at the columbia country club . . . and took a few strolls along the way

~and i've added a few family group shots here because I love the interaction and expressions in them . . . amy and i think groups shots should be a delightful part of the day (read: fun, intimate, and NOT a chore)

~and various shots from the reception that are my special favorites . . .

come hang with us at lon and jessica's wedding in missouri in october . . . it's just a click away, check it out here: jessica + lon's wedding slideshow.