Jessica & Kurt . . . a perfect day

First, a question for The Silver Lining readers, (we so totally envision the Losapio sisters and Tracy C. when we say "readership") but really, for anyone who stumbles upon this, we'd love to know....

When you check the Silver Lining, would you rather:
a. read our ramblings;
b. see images;
c. view the unfolding pages of an album, via album slideshow;
d. find a slideshow set to music;
e. be surprised, (i.e. have us mix it up); or
f. are we forgetting an option?


Finding myself sliding further and further behind...
I fear that if I don't post now --
even though it may be incomplete --
I may not ever get to it. :(

AND, I so want to share.

We feel very lucky to make our living documenting your lives.

Is it overly sappy to say that we fall in love a little bit with each couple??

Spending the day with, especially brides, gives us such insight into who you are as a person, what makes you happy, and what relationships you hold dear [with fiance, with parents, with lifelong friends, with siblings, etc]

We become so impressed and enamored with capturing our clients in the best light [both literally & figuratively] that there always seems to be so much we'd love to tell & show...but life intervenes. Thus, though I'd LOVE to tell you all about Jessica & Kurt [Wonderful day. Perfect weather. Kind, KIND people, oh! and I especially loved Jessica's bridesmaid friends Rikki & Sarah and wish they lived down the street!!] Anyway, I'd love to tell you much, much more, but am in the end, simply posting images, instead.
On the photographic side, I'm especially proud of our lighting efforts. [A big thanks to Karen Eagle for tirelessly lighting so many of my favorite shots.] I wish I had the time to share more ABOUT these neat people, but noting the length of my to-do-list, will simply share my most favorite images from their celebration instead:
~ the above is esp. fun b/c Jenny, the stylist, takes creative ideas to a whole new level. AND she and Jake just recently booked me to document their upcoming wedding celebraton. And I'm sooo excited about it!!

I often capture the women getting dressed but how cute is this of pre-game Kurt?!? Love the angle here!!

(of course I haven't seen all of Kim's images yet....and details are one of her many, many specialities!)

Jessica, what wonderful detail in your gown! Let's make this a huge art print for your wall!
Heck, let's make it for MY wall!! Your gown, like your day, was, well....perfect.

And Senior Hall
on Stephens College campus
was the perfect
PERFECT setting
for their reception.

Mr. and Mrs.
Kurt & Jessica Elliff,
I am so happy for you.
Thank you, thank you
for the opportunity to document your day.
~ amy