jessica + andrew :: lotsa love in palmyra

palmyra, missouri: from what i've seen, palmyra is chock-a-block full of great folks, and it's gotten to be like a SilverBox second home. we've documented several AMAZING weddings there in the past couple of years . . .

the most recent of which was:
jessica + andrew's wedding!!!

check out these beautiful details:

and jessica + andrew before the ceremony:

amy and i get a kick out of tracing that word-of-mouth process that leads us from one wonderful couple to the next . . . my palmyra trips started with lacy + brian (that was before we'd switched to canon's top-of-the-line digital cameras and before the silver lining blog)

followed by jenny + adam, married in the same church as lacy + brian, located just across the street from adam's family car dealership (click on each couple's name for a walk down silver lining lane)

and jenny's cousin, katie, was married to alphonse in her folks' backyard . . . dressed in cowboy boots and surrounded by boot-clad flower-bubble girls

and then there was amy + mark, married on the front porch of the meyer farmhouse in bowling green; their wedding included a stop to feed their cows in wedding attire

and that brings us back to jessica + andrew: mark is andrew's brother and was best man at jessica + andrew's wedding:

and sister-in-law amy was jessica's attendant (here she is helping andrew and mark's sister get ready):

so much more to share about the wedding . . . cold cold (did I say COLD) day? and yet, bridesmaids stepped outside for these pics:

and jessica gets the silverbox award for "bride braving the coldest weather for outdoor pics":

and here are two GREAT shots by abbie brown, who did an incredible job of assisting that day:

here are a few more of my favorites from the ceremony:

and afterwards:

and you've got to see details from the groom's cake:

and this shot of jessica dancing with her dad is one of my favorite father-daughter shots ever:

lots more to see . . . click here for jessica + andrew's wedding slideshow . . . and thanks you all for having SilverBox at TWO lehenbauer weddings!