Jenny & Jake : la la LOVE 'em!

Oh! what a TREMENDOUS way to wrap up the year.
What a unique & fabulous celebration!
The Missouri Theatre is such a treasure. I LOVE that building.
What a great idea to get married THERE. Wow!
The Theatre will soon be closing for some major and majorly needed renovations. I'm under the impression that during the renovations much will be changed . . . which leaves me all the more grateful to have had the chance to capture architectural features and interiors while documenting this fabulous celebration. Look at this great venue!

When I arrived at the Theatre, Jake, with help of his old college roommate, was just getting to the finishing touches. Kim and I aren't always as involved in groom preparation as we are the bride's so these opportunities seem all the more exciting.
Here are two of my favorites from the Jake-getting-dressed-series:

Girl stuff, we have access to more often, but I can't think of many images I've created that I like more than these two taken moments before, then during, Jenny stepping into her gown.

Have I mentioned these candy-colored vintage prom dresses? Amazing [And can't you just tell how fun these women are!]:

Jenny and Jake's friends and family traveled across the country to celebrate with them.
Here's one my favorite groom's party shots:

Inside scoop: I first met Jenny shortly after she moved to town last year when Kim and I were shooting some ad images for a local downtown salon. The Salon is called The Strand and my sister Carla worked there, too. [Columbia's not such a big town if that hadn't yet become apparent.] Through their work my sister and Jenny become friends....and where am I going with this? Oh, I would be remiss if I left out that my mom now thinks of Jenny as a third daughter and not only did she AND my brother come as guests to Jake & Jenny's wedding, Carla (kid sister) :
a. did Jenny's hair (which was perfect!);
b. looked so cute in that pink dress; and
c. sang at the wedding. AND got to sing WITH Tom Andes . . . if we were talking Town Treasures, The Missouri Theatre and MOST CERTAINLY Mr. Tom Andes would be on that list. He is such a tremendous pianist. Next time you're in town, try to make it into Murry's (a MOST DELICIOUS restuarant, and yet another of those Town Treasures, I am sure AND Tom Andes plays jazz there pretty regularaly. There's no way you'll be disappointed in either the food, or the music. It's most certainly where to eat and what to do when in Coumbia. Hmm....I'd provide a link to Tom Andes, he has a number of CDs out, but I'm not finding anything this very minute online to link to....well, here he is last week. Does that help? Oh, and that's Carla in pink:

Want to see MORE? Here's the SLIDESHOW with a few of my favorites. Enjoy. And to Jenny & Jake - thank you, thank you, thank you! I'm so honored to have been able to record your day.
~ amy enderle
PS Special thanks to Tyler of the Missouri Theatre Staff who very patiently showing us every possible lighting option both during Jake & Jenny's walk-through and then again the evening of their rehearsal. And an extra speical thanks to Karen who just nailed the images of an expressive Jake and jaw-dropping gorgeous Jenny from the balcony. Great work, team! :D
PPS Just thought of a great BLOG-SURVEY-QUESTION: What's your favorite thing to eat at Murry's?