jen + jesse ~ boots, bar hopping & getting hitched

oooh wow, was jen + jesse's wedding tons of fun to photograph! i loved working with these two.
well, let me tell ya:

for starters, jen was one AMAZING, CARING bride . . . she put a lot of thought into keeping the memory of loved ones alive. she had the necklace you see below made from her grandmother's earring; the broach and handkerchief are also family heirlooms:

and speaking of loved ones: just look at this moment jen shared with her mom:

jen radiated all day long:

ok, but being thoughtful and loving AND beautiful doesn't mean that you can't have a little fun too! Right?! :') Jen had her own sense of style: check out these cowboy boots . . . she wore them from the minute she put on her wedding dress, until the final dance:

but lest you think jen had all the fun, jen and jesse (and their many friends) stayed true to the washington, missouri tradition of bar hopping along washington's downtown riverfront . . . a few drinks, some live music, a stroll past washington's corn cob pipe factory:

and here's jesse, going toe-to-toe with jen (or nose-to-nose or nose-to-toe at times :'), having as much fun as any groom i've seen on his wedding day:

and then there were the kids! jen and jesse LOVE LOVE LOVE little ones and have opened their arms and hearts to so many . . . everywhere I turned there were children playing, dancing, hugging:

here's jesse tossing a bucket of candy into the kid crowd:

we made a couple of other stops along the way from the ceremony to the reception:

. . . including jen + jesse's home . . . here they are on their land . . . one of the loveliest views in Missouri . . .

. . . and strolling down their road, which jesse's grandpa had cleaned up all on his own in prep for the wedding day:

there are lots more pictures in jen + jesse's wedding slideshow . . . kick up your heals and enjoy!