Jane + Tim Allen's Wedding "Aren't those the HAPPIEST wedding photos?!"

“Aren't those the happiest wedding photos?!”. . . spoken by Entertainment Tonight's host in reference to Tim and Jane’s wedding photos featured on ET the Monday following their wedding. How exciting(!!!) to see SilverBox photos televised nationally and featured on Entertainment Tonight's Website and on Oprah just last week.

Jane and Tim’s wedding was the first at which I’ve been family member, guest AND professional photographer. Knowing this huge, multi-talented, lovable family from the inside-out made picture-making a JOY; just knowing everyone’s names from the get-go was a rare luxury!

My children (Elliot & Sophie – who of course hear about weddings and see wedding photos on a weekly basis) were thrilled finally to BE at one. Elliot marveled several times: “This is our FIRST wedding, Mom!” Sophie was so enamored of her new aunt Jane that she tried hard, and likely succeeded, at being Jane’s most frequent dance partner at the reception. Sophie said wistfully to me before dinner, “I wish I could sit next to the bride!” (Move over, Tim!)

While I love Tim’s humor and talent, I love him more as a brother-in-law who is fiercely loyal to and supportive of his family and friends; who teases his nieces and nephews relentlessly; and who rallies the family regularly for fun & games and reunions.

And speaking of reunions, this wedding was truly a family reunion. Tim and Jane hosted four PACKED days of family-oriented fun, from the wacky (go carts & atv-ing) to the sublime (meals elegantly styled by gifted wedding coordinator Jo Gartin, with the Colorado mountains as a backdrop). All guaranteed to bond the largest of families . . . can we all just move in together? (JUST kidding!)

So Tim & Jane, thanks for hosting an incredible family event. 

with love