Jamie + Omar (and family!) at Goshen Historic Church

we're packing up equipment (and our daughters -- yeah, we'll see how that goes) and heading out at dawn (ok, BEFORE dawn) for a photography workshop in Indianapolis.

it's a bit of experiment really . . . not the workshop, the daughters-in-tow part....how will zoe and sophie do?
hmmmm......stay tuned.
but first....
oh take a look at this: jamie + omar's wedding slideshow.
what fun people!
Jamie's kids were such a joy to be around all day . . . her youngest daughter was their flower girl;
her oldest daughter was the maid of honor
(this is at David the Salon; Abbie -- the wedding stylist -- was AMAZING!)
and omar asked jamie's son to be his best man.
how cool is that!
and no kidding, his toast was one of the best i'd ever heard.
not only was it well written (and he's TEN!); his TIMING rocked the house.
my intentions were to grab a copy to post here but THESE GUYS: dan + susan simon (who's wedding i documented that very first year i was shooting and who this winter introduced me to jamie . . .) anywho
dan + susan got to it first and are having it framed.
it was THAT good!
one partial line went something like:
"my sisters and i are happy to see our mom so happy and excited for you to be part of our lives, but just remember, my mom wears the pants in the family and I'M the man of the house"

this picture is from seconds later:
a few more jpgs from the day starting with Goshen Church . . . one of the oldest in Missouri. omar's parents and grandparents and even great grandparents if i recall correctly, were all married here.
can you see his grandma's expression (2nd row back, red blazer) as jamie and her dad walk in....oh i LOVE it!

when kim and i get back from indy later this week, my hope is to track it down that toast...check back; this is just too good to miss....

and speaking of things too good to miss....

we're down to the final
we've got some great applications in from coast-to-coast (and continents beyond!) but there's still time.
we are SO EXCITED ABOUT GIVING AWAY THIS WEDDING PACKAGE. April 1st (no foolin') is the deadline....we'll introduce you to some of the applicants at that point....but in the meantime; get those stories and jpgs in

back in the office Thursday!
have a great week!


PS sorry to sound like a broken record, but wowza Kent's Floral Gallery does incredible work!
Jamie's dress was sort of light blue/lavender ("the gig is up" she laughed as she explained her choice for an alternative to white) and Kent was able to match the color EXACTLY . . . so beautiful!: