jaclyn + adam :: love, luck, ladybugs and marge simpson

jaclyn + adam's wedding . . . where to start?

seriously, where to start?!!!!

SOOO much to show and tell. like the fact that their rehearsal was on Halloween night . . .
jaclyn and adam became marge and homer simpson . . .

dorothy from oz, elvis and priscilla, the tattooed man, a deviled egg, and a "chick magnet"
were also in attendance (I wore pajamas, slippers, a robe and hair rollers . . . but you'll just
have to take my word for it 'cause for once i'm hoping there are no pictures out there . . . )

amy and i go to rehearsals in part to get to know the couple's family and friends so that on
wedding day, we've already put faces to names, figured out which groomsman is our go-to guy
when you need some laughter and levity, but let me tell ya . . . when folks are in costume the
night before, wedding day is like groundhog day all over again.

so much so in fact that, when i saw jaclyn's mom again the next day (she was the dorothy),
i asked if we'd met yet . . . in my defense, she really DID look like an entirely different person...
and then i had to concentrate on NOT calling her dorothy . . . she quizzed me throughout the
day: "what's my name again?" :')

and the fun carried over into rehearsal dinner. . . It's a good thing that home depot's color
is orange (it's where adam works AND, not-so-coincidentally, where he and jaclyn met!!!), so it
fit right into the halloween decor:

ok, and then there was the setting: chaumette winery in Sainte Genevieve Missouri where
there happens to be a church that the winery owner saved from being permanently destroyed;
he had it taken down, transported and re-assembled on the winery's grounds:

take a look at how beautifully jaclyn and adam had this church decorated:

and then there was jaclyn + adam's team . . . a wealth of family and friends helping out. below is
jaclyn's sister-in-law styling jaclyn's hair on the left. and on the right: Jaclyn's friend Julie who
works for Miller's Professional Imaging in Columbia (SilverBox's photo processing lab of
choice!). and in the lower right: jaclyn's niece who did a banner job as flower girl

and for more folks on jaclyn + adam's team . . . the wedding party friends and family

why are THESE friends laughing?! ok, let's talk about LADYBUGS! there was an awesome
outbreak of ladybugs literally swarming around the church, and a groomsman off camera has
just inhaled one (or inadvertantly swallowed one . . . which was it?) at any rate, the other guys
tried to talk me into photographing him gasping for air but i couldn't do it . . . thanks for taking
one for the team, man!

the wonderful thing about a small church is that everyone is up close

and jaclyn and adam, relaxed, poised, psyched to be getting married:

and i haven't mentioned jaclyn's design talents yet. she designs all sorts of things: shoes, her
own wedding invitations, and the table-top decor at the reception. take a look (and if you look
closely enough, you'll see a ladybug on that wine bottle . . . ):

not only was the reception beautiful, it was possibly the most joy-filled one i've ever been at:

mid-way through the reception, just about everyone in adam's family (we're talking cousins,
uncles, aunts, his dad AND adam), was on stage singing and/or playing an instrument . . . here
is ADAM!

AND adam's dad:

AND adam's cousin, Ali, who sang "The Luckiest," by Ben Folds during the ceremony that
rivaled Folds' version . . . it was phenomenally beautiful. she is recording some music of her
own too

dancing with old friends

and shots of jaclyn + adam just before entering the reception . . . a view off the deck of the
winery's tasting room:

click on jaclyn + adam's wedding slideshow (set to their first dance song) to see the whole day.
whew. . . weddings just don't get any better than this.